Psychology Department

The School Psychology Department, which is overseen by Maravillas Amorós:, performs a detailed monitoring of pupils during the adaptation period and contributes to the evaluation of pupils throughout the different educational stages, assisting in the treatment of difficulties which may arise during the learning process. This department is at the disposition of any pupils or families who may require its services.

When a student has difficulties in achieving the desired objectives, diagnostic tests are carried out and each individual case is analysed, setting out specific plans and offering appropriate guidance to the teacher, pupil and parent. It is of the utmost importance that parents inform the school of any relevant information which may help to understand why a child is experiencing a particular problem in order to find the best way to help the pupil.

Furthermore, this department organises periodic talks with representatives of different universities with the aim of offering careers guidance to sixth-form pupils and is also directly responsible for the school’s Special Educational Needs Department which supports those pupils who are experiencing learning difficulties.

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