Dining Room

All pupils have lunch at school. Freshly made food is prepared in our on-site kitchen. The menus are elaborated by the company ARAMARK, which offers a balanced and healthy Mediterranean diet, following the guidelines of nutritionists. Menus are sent to all school families on a monthly basis so that they know what their children are going to be eating every day.

Furthermore, the School has a Dining-Room Committee which parents and pupils can contact should they have any suggestions, doubts or queries.


Nursery 1 & Nursery 2 & Nursery 3 & Reception


Secondary & Baccalaureate

Low fructose



No cow protein - No lactose

No fish

No gluten

No egg

No meat

No pig


Did you know Aramark's app "El Gusto de Crecer" [A taste for growing up] is available? Through this free app, created exclusively for the nutritional and educational programme "El Gusto de Crecer" and supported by Aramark's nutrition specialists team, parents will be able to access an additional help service and questions about your children's food, to ensure that it is balanced and in order to follow nutritional recommendations by Aramark according to the World Health Organisation.

This easy-to-use app offers contents such as healthy recipes, last news from Aramark, the school's monthly menu with suggestions for dinners and weekends, thus helping children get healthy daily meals both within and outside the school. We hope you enjoy it!

Download the app El Gusto de Crecer in Google Play, App store and Windows store

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