Maths Olympiad

If you are a whizz at numbers and formulae, and you are keen on taking a challenge, then this is the competition for you: a Maths Olympiad. The aim of this competition is to motivate all Colegios Laude pupils to get their brains into gear and try to solve the problems that we’ll post from time to time, in the following categories:

a) FERMAT category (1st to 4th of ESO) /Year 8 to Year 11

b) EULER category (1st to 2nd of Baccalaureate) / Year 12 to Year 13

The deadline for submission of solutions for each problem will end the day that the next problem is presented, with the solution to the previous problem, and the partial classification up to the date of publication.

We urge all “thinkers” to take part in the 9th edition of this Olympiad and show us their high level of mathematical skills. Do you venture to try?




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