The N.C. – P.T.A. (Newton College – Parent Teacher Association) is a non-profit association made up of our students’ parents at Laude Newton College in Elche (Alicante).

Its purpose is to take part in and collaborate with the school. Our mission is to support and represent the families in every aspect that affects the educational community.

The current Board of Directors, until June 2019, consists of:
PRESIDENT: Mar Segarra.
VICE-PRESIDENT: Vicenta Vicedo.
SECRETARY: M.ª del Mar Gallego.
TREASURER: Eva Ballesta.

MEMBERS: Susi Domingo, M.ª Ángeles Guillén, Beatriz Casino, Moisés Donis, Leonor Alberola, Erika Olaya, Vanessa Fernández, María Pérez, Isabel Martínez, Elisabet Serna, Rizlene Kanakane, Natalia Vicente, Laura Sáez.