At Laude Newton College our educational project is complemented by a solid ethical foundation, based on shared values, with the aim of giving our students an overall quality education, through a carefully elaborated social action programme which is implemented throughout the school as a transversal feature in all educational stages.

House System: All pupils are divided between four large houses: Lincoln, King, Calcutta and Da Vinci. Pupils are awarded House Points every time they carry out an action deemed worthy of acknowledgement, such as, for example, helping others, showing solidarity, cooperating in some way with the school community, showing respect and tolerance, demonstrating good manners, displaying enthusiasm, etc. Furthermore, thanks to the House System, many projects and activities are organised throughout the year with the aim of developing these aspects.

Playground Buddies: Playground Buddies is a way of bringing different students together and creating a sense of community during play and lunchtime periods. A group of older primary children receive special instruction in class on how to promote the development of friendly ties and to encourage other children to take part in traditional games.

Year 6 Monitors: A group of students in the final year of primary, volunteer to take part in helping to maintain the smooth-running of the school. These students play an important role in Primary stage by patrolling and monitoring classroom corridors during breaks and lunchtimes. They act as both an example for their peers and a role-model for the younger children.

Youth Solidarity Network: A forum for meetings, organisation, development of ideas and reflection; made up of volunteer students from Secondary, responsible for coordinating, driving and sometimes even initiating the school´s solidarity activities and projects.

Action in Service and CAS Programmes (Creativity, Action, Service): These two components of the MYP and Diploma programmes respectively, help students to develop an awareness and concern for the community, as well as providing the necessary skills for making a positive contribution to society. Students become involved and take an active part in projects and activities that start off in the classroom but will also stretch way beyond these limits.

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