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British education (from Year 2 to Year 6). Incorporation of Valencian (from Year 2) and the Spanish subject of Social and Natural Sciences (from Year 4).

Our learning environment in the Primary stage offers our students the ideal framework for a proactive education that enables pupils to become even more enthusiastic about their learning. As in Early Years Foundation Stage, the British Curriculum continues to be taught in Primary. In this stage, students work on the comprehension and consolidation of all areas encompassed by the aforementioned curriculum, which comprises three core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science, complemented by the following foundation subjects: Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education, and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). Throughout this stage, pupils will sit the corresponding SAT examinations (Statutory Assessment Tests) which standardise educational levels by comparison with other British schools, as well as external University of Cambridge ESOL examinations. The school also, at the same time, meets the academic requirements of the Spanish curriculum, which will certainly enrich and enable our students to obtain a broad and pragmatic vision of everything they see in the classroom.

The aim of the Primary stage is to offer a quality education through the British National Curriculum. This is achieved thanks to a high-quality qualified teaching team and by adopting the British methodology, allowing us to implement a wide variety of learning styles and techniques. Our pupils are taught three languages, using the system of linguistic immersion within a secure, happy and stimulating environment in which they can grow and develop into independent learners.



Newton College launches the The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in School Year 2015/2016. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is used in schools all over the world. Currently this includes nearly 1,800 national and international schools in over 90 countries.

Learning with the International Primary Curriculum means that children focus on a combination of academic, personal and international learning that is exciting and challenging. The aim of the IPC is to help every child enjoy the learning of a wide range of subjects and to develop an enquiring mind, the personal attributes that will help throughout teenage and adult years, and to develop a sense of his or her own nationality and culture, at the same time developing a profound respect for the nationalities and cultures of others. Through the IPC approach to learning children develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to confidently face the world of tomorrow.

The IPC was introduced in 2000 and has been successfully meeting the learning needs of children for many years. It took four years with leading educational thinkers, school leaders, highly skilled teachers and curriculum writers to create the IPC. Its continued development today ensures that children are learning a current and highly relevant curriculum based on the very latest research into the brain and the increasing understanding of how children learn.

The IPC is a part of Fieldwork Education which, since 1984, has been helping schools all around the world to develop children’s learning.  For more information about the IPC visit


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