Mission Statement

The mission of Laude Newton College is to provide, within a framework of personalised attention, a quality education based on respect and effort as the essence of our fundamental principles, thereby contributing, in a unique and meaningful way, to the preparation of world citizens, characterised by their sense of responsibility and integrity and who furthermore are thinkers and effective communicators with heightened international awareness.

1.1. Personal and Physical Development

  • Instil in pupils the sense of ethics, intellectual curiosity, creativity, the willingness to participate, a critical sense, and truth.
  • Promote an awareness of world citizenship and the capacity to live in a society, fulfilling their obligations, respecting the rules of their environment as well as the rights and customs of others.
  • Encourage pupils to demonstrate an active concern for others, their social problems, the environment and to contribute to the improvement of the world, striving for peace and freedom and avoiding discrimination.
  • Closely monitor pupils, always maintaining contact with their families or legal guardians.
  • Educate pupils within a caring environment allowing them to develop values of co-existence.
  • Instil in pupils the taste for the correct use of language.
  • Promote habits of health and hygiene, body exercise, appropriate nutrition.

1.2. Intellectual Development

  • Guarantee an education which combines the development of student capacity to make an effort, investigate, reason, debate, express, communicate, plan, decide and act as well as the capacity to acquire content, so that they are well-prepared and capable to cope in today’s society.
  • Provide our pupils with a multilingual and multicultural education, which combines the teaching of English, Spanish, Valencian and German.

1.3. Social Development

  • Act as a focal point of learning in their environment.
  • Make a contribution to society via the implementation of projects and participation in events and activities which not only involve the academic development of pupils, but also their contact with the rest of the world as part of the school community.

General presentation of the academic year 2017-2018, through which you will be able to consult the most relevant information about this year

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