Smart Start

Bearing in mind the different ways in which a child learns, we have designed the “Smart Start” programme in Early Years, with the aim of achieving the overall maximum potential of our pupils.

The programme is based on the eight multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner (logical-mathematical, verbal-linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, visual-spatial, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist-environmental). We use a series of tools and educational styles to work these areas, such as the Bit of Intelligence Flashcards or “Bits”, artistic and musical stimuli, sensorial or “hand-on” experiences, the application of new technologies, the development of physical education as well as the participation in practical experiments and direct experiences.

Since “Smart Start” impregnates our curriculum, we can promote pupils’ skills to the maximum, such as speaking skills in English, the ability to reason and reflect, the relationship between music and feelings, spatial-bodily awareness, the interpretation and creation of images, empathy towards others, self-awareness and a respect and awe for our natural surroundings.

The “Smart Start” programme is personalised, since it takes into account the preferences and strong points of the pupil, and we consider these starting points as the ideal channels through which to optimise positive responses to learning experiences. 

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