The Library of an international school is much more than just a resource centre. It represents a link between different curricular stages and offers a specific educational service. It is also a place where self-learning and other strategies are practised along with other forms of collaborative work. In the Library, teachers, pupils and parents are able to access knowledge-based experiences where we feel part of a learning community which is receptive to the 21st century world.

Our pupils combine free daily access to the Library with group attendance to sessions which are adapted for each age group (from 4 to 18). In these sessions we embrace different human values by raising an awareness of global concepts which will serve us for life, all driven by the curriculum or each particular moment in time.

The main aims of the project are:

  • Discover reading as a pleasurable and recreational experience.
  • Consolidate pupils’ language skills.
  • Provide a relaxed setting for individual or group work.
  • Offer methodological guidance to pupils in their academic work.
  • Develop listening skills, dialogue, enquiry and critical thinking.
  • Promote multicultural awareness in our school community.
  • Carry out holistic and contextualised learning through action and both individual and group reflection.
  • Encourage empathy and promote a sense of respectful and caring citizenship.

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