Educational Platforms

This is just a selection of the main educational digital platforms that we use to enhance learning:


ActiveLearn is a platform which can be accessed at home to

enjoy didactic games, activities, videos and eBooks

allocated by the teacher. In school we use this platform for

Maths (Abacus) and English (Wordsmith)


How can we access it?

The platform can be accessed online using the website



MyMaths is a platform which allows teachers to send online

homework to their students. The tasks available on

MyMaths are specific to the level of the student and the

area of maths that they are studying. It is an excellent

platform for assessing and recording the children´s


The platform can be accessed online using the website



Showbie is a platform which allows communication between

teacher and pupil. Teachers will set a variety of homework

tasks using this platform.


Showbie can be accessed either by downloading the

application for your mobile device or by accessing their





This is a platform that includes a digital book in the

subjects Spanish, Valencian and Social Sciences (in


Using this platform we can access the book contents and

other additional activities.


Each pupil will have a digital license and the School will

provide them with a username and password. The

application Edubook3D should be downloaded from the

catalogue: We can also access the platform online using

the following link


ITE (Learning environments) Cognitive School is a platform that improves skills in

reading comprehension, spellings and consolidates the

knowledge acquired in Spanish Language. In addition,

students in Year 4 and Year 5 will also develop their typing

ability through the keyboard operating program.


The Platform is introduced in Year 2. The School will

provide the pupil with a username and password, which will

be used throughout the rest of their school career. The

platform can be accessed through the following link.


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