Welcome to Newton College

“We do well, because we aim high”

Welcome to Newton College, a school that has grown rapidly since it was founded in 1991. The school is constantly focused on its own improvement, asking the question: What do the students of this new generation need? When you can rely on the commitment and dedication of a great team of professionals, you can only improve by adding the best that the education sectorhas to offer, in order to enhance and facilitate the essence of our activity: “learning”.

Do we want students to be ‘busy’ or ‘busy learning’?

This question, which crops up constantly in our daily work, drives us to ensure that our students are brilliant, different and, above all, the best versions of themselves.
We teach both the British and the Spanish curricula. Between Early Years education and the Baccalaureate level, we also teach international programmes, after which our students have the option of pursuing the International Bilingual Diploma.

However, we take things one step further, improving the multilingual education of our students within an international framework. We do this by applying a pedagogical model that is unique to Newton College: “Creative & Design Thinking”. This programme includes creative “Maker spaces”, which are designed for agility and innovation. Our goal? To create an environment where creativity, skill development and the appropriate use of technology become agents in the learning process. Our students are encouraged to accept the challenge of finding innovative solutions and transforming them into unique, attractive products.

At Newton College, students are offered a curricular and pedagogical framework along with interesting projects from our Social Action Plan and “Opening Minds” programme. Here, your children will experience and become aware of values that are important for their personal and emotional maturity, complemented by the elements that our school boasts in its emblem: independence, respect, personal integrity and knowledge.

All of this means that Newton College is continuing its mission to ensure that our students learn through different teaching styles, experience opportunities to build their identities and discover their talents, reflecting on and exploring other variables along the way.

At Newton College, we turn these actions into opportunities. We will continue to ask ourselves the right questions so that we can offer our students a space where they can sow the seeds of ideas that can transform the world around them.