School Promises

Laude Newton College’s mission is to provide quality education with personalised attention, based on our founding principles of respect and hard work. We make a unique, innovative contribution to preparingworld citizens, with responsibility and integrity; citizens who are thinkers, good communicators and internationally minded.

Personal and physical development

  • Stimulating ethical awareness, intellectual curiosity, creativity and a desire to participate, critical thinking and an appreciation for honesty in our students.
  • Encouraging our students to be sociable citizens of the world, honouring their obligations, the rules and the environment they find themselves in, whilst showing respect for the rights and customs of others.
  • Encouraging our students to be actively concerned for others, social issues, the environment and improving the world, in favour of peace and liberty and against discrimination.
  • Offering our students friendly care and supervision, in constant contact with their families or legal guardians.
  • Providing our students with education in a caring environment so that they can develop community values.
  • Instilling the correct use of language among our students.
  • Teaching our students good hygiene, personal exercise, proper nutrition and health habits.

Intellectual development

  • Our students are taught in a way that develops their capacity for work, research, reasoning, debate, expression, communication, planning, decision and action, with content that prepares them to fully engage with society.
  • Providing our students with a multi-lingual and multi-cultural education that combines lessons in Spanish, English, Valencian and German.

Social development

  • Acting as a cultural focus for our environment, beyond our students and our school staff.
  • Contributing to society through projects and participation in events and activities that support our students’ academic development through their contact with the rest of the world, as part of the educational community.