In Newton College, the students benefit from an international study environment that offers countless opportunities for future careers anywhere in the world. The school takes pride in welcoming international students every year.

David Ortiz, former student.

My daughter has been studying in Newton College for a year and a half. She has learned a lot during this time. Firstly, she has successfully adapted to the school and now gladly participates in all of the school activities. Secondly, her English proficiency level has improved rapidly and she can easily participate in the learning process. Thirdly, she has developed the ability to learn, think and make judgements on various topics – not merely memorising, but understanding the problems. She enjoys developing a variety of projects, making video movies and presentations. She also tries to learn the Spanish language together with the rest of the class. Many thanks to all the teachers for their tolerance and patience during her time at the school. But the main thing for us, as parents, is that our daughter likes the school and is happy to study there.

Ingrida – Year 6 Parent

One of the aspects of this school that we find most attractive is that it offers students the chance to explore their different skills and personal talents. Our daughter has not only improved academically, but also in her character, thanks to learning experiences both in and out of the classroom, such as Service Learning, Debating, Eco Team, among others.

Mario, Year 8 parent

My name is Miguel Zhu and I am a former student of Laude Newton College. Next year, I will begin my undergraduate studies at the University of California San Diego, one of the best public universities in the United States. I would like to thank all the staff at Newton for taking care of me since I was 3 and for helping me to grow and become the student I am today.

Thank you very much

Yichen Zhu, former student