Why Newton College?

Because we:

  • are committed to the global education of our children.
  • inspire and encourage each of our children to develop a passion for learning.
  • provide, within a framework of personalised attention, a quality education based on respect and effort as the essence of our fundamental principles.
  • contribute, in a unique and meaningful way, to the preparation of world citizens, characterised by their sense of responsibility and integrity and who furthermore are thinkers and effective communicators with heightened international awareness.
  • inspire excellence, stimulate learning and creativity, nurture children to discover endless possibilities, equipping them to carve out their educational and professional journey in tomorrow’s challenging world.


  • We genuinely value individuality, enabling children to grow and transform in a way that they find personally satisfying.
  • We push our children to reach their full potential.
  • Our pupils embark on a wide range of university courses, enabling them to be highly successful in their chosen careers, both here in Spain and overseas.
  • Our educational project is complemented by a solid ethical foundation, based on shared values, which is implemented throughout the school and is intrinsically woven throughout all educational stages.
  • Our warmth and friendliness reflects the way we relate to everyone. We take great pride in the strong links forged by our relationships within our school community.

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Laude Newton College

Address: Camino Viejo de Elche-Alicante Km. 3
Telephone numbers: (+34) 96 545 14 28 / (+34) 96 661 02 38

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