“We do well, because we aim high”

Welcome to Newton College, a school which has been in constant growth since its foundation in 1991 and never stops looking for new ways to keep up to date, always wondering: what does this new generation of pupils need? Built upon the effort and involvement of a great team of professionals, evolution can only be achieved by adding the very best of the educational sector to facilitate and improve the essence of our activity, whose focus is “learning”.

Do we want our pupils to be “busy” or to be “busy learning”?

This question helps us work harder on a daily basis to make our students brilliant, different, and even more, better than before.

From this framework, we lay the foundations of our Curricular Project on the Spanish and British Curricular Programmes, including the Early Years Foundation Stage International Programmes up to Sixth Grade, in which the Bilingual International Diploma is offered.

However, and taking a step forward, the multilingual education of our pupils within an international framework is uplifted by the consolidation of Newton College’s teaching model: “Creative & Design Thinking”, which integrates the “Maker spaces”, our dynamic and innovative creative spaces. Our purpose is to generate an environment where creativity, skill development and adequate use of technology become agents of the “learning” process, inviting the student to transform challenges into innovative solutions and goals into unique and appealing products.

In conclusion, Newton College offers an educational and curricular framework which includes interesting projects from our Social Action Plan and “Opening Minds” Programme, where your children will experience and become aware of important values for their personal and emotional education, in addition to those shown in our School’s emblem: Independence, Respect, Personal Integrity and Knowledge.

Thus, Newton College is always evolving towards the mission to help our pupils learn through different teaching styles, experience opportunities to build their identity and discover their talents, thinking and exploring new variables in the process.

In Newton College we make an opportunity out of these circumstances and keep asking ourselves the right questions to offer our pupils the spaces to generate little ideas that may get to change their surroundings.



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