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School times in September and June are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. whilst from October to May they are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The School Office is at your disposal in order to provide you with any general, academic and administrative information that you may need, as well as issuing and handling certificates and academic records.

The opening hours of our School Office throughout the academic year is from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. In July, we are open from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


Our team is formed by:


Rosa María Tortosa Monsalve



Dra. Maravillas Amorós

Psicóloga - Orientadora/ Psychologist, Ph D. – Career guidance (etapas Infantil y Primaria)

Jefa del Departamento de Psicología /Head of Psychology Department


Amparo Miñana

Psicóloga - Orientadora/ Psychologist – Career guidance (etapas Secundaria y Bachillerato)


Sarah Moran

Jefa de Infantil / Head of Early Years


Gill Haywood

Coordinadora Programa Internacional Infantil / IEYC Coordinator


Francine Turner

Jefa de Primaria / Head of Primary & Coordinadora Programa Internacional Primaria / IPC Coordinator


Líderes de área Educación Primaria / Primary Subjects Leaders

Evaluación - Assessment: Maria Williams

Ciencias y Humanidades - Science and Humanities: Joanne Raine

Educación Física - Physical Education: Robby Sidoli

Español y Valenciano - Spanish and Valencian: Carmen Arnaiz

Matemáticas - Maths: Carol Harvey

Inglés - English: Allison Sallis


Líderes IM Learning Educación Primaria / Primary IM Learning Leaders

Victoria Esler

Paul Harbour


Malén Ferrer

Jefa Secundaria y Bachillerato / Head of Secondary and Sixth Form

Coordinadora Curriculum Español / Spanish Curriculum Coordinator


Jorge Sevilla

Coordinador del Programa Diploma del BI / IB Diploma Programme Coordinator


Antonio Soriano

Coordinador del Programa de Años Intermedios del BI/ IB Middle Years Programme Coordinator


Líderes IM Learning Educación Secundaria / Secondary IM Learning Leaders

Francisco Beltrán

Santiago Ordejón


Roberto Beltrán

Responsable del Departamento Informático / Responsible of IT Department


Jorge Perelló

Departamento Informático / IT Department


Lucía Soler

Responsable de Admisiones / Head of Admissions


Carlos Albentosa

Jefe de Administración / Head of Administration Department


Arturo Pascual

Departamento de Administración / Administration Department


Davinia Cortijo

Secretaría Técnica / Education Liaison Officer

Comunicación / Communication Officer


Alicia Perelló

Responsable de Marketing / Head of Marketing


Karen Ivorra

Adjunta a la Dirección de Administración /Coordinación de Recursos Humanos / Secretaría de Dirección

Deputy Head of Administration/HR Coordinator/Headteacher’s Secretary


Cristina Bonete

Secretaría / Secretary


Mª Carmen Albert

Secretaría / Secretary


Juan Carlos Buedo

Secretaría - Coordinador de Exámenes Externos /Secretary - External Exams Coordinador


Gemma Beneyto

Técnico Auxiliar de Enfermería / Nursing Assistant


Elvira López

Técnico Auxiliar de Enfermería / Nursing Assistant


Mª José Bonete

Responsable de Uniformes/Responsible for Uniforms



Asociación de Familias

Buzón de sugerencias


David García

Coordinador Extraescolares/Extracurrricular Activities Coordinator


Matt Dexter

Jefe Departamento Educación Física y Deportes/ Head of Physical Education Department


José Manuel Cuello

Jefe Departamento Tecnologías/ Head of Technology Department


Ángel Barrajón

Jefe Departamento Matemáticas/ Head of Mathematics Department


Jonathan Cascales

Jefe Departamento Ciencias/Head of Sciencie Department


Francisco Beltrán

Jefe Departamento Humanidades/ Head of Humanities Department


Santiago Ordejón

Jefe Departamento Inglés y Alemán/ Head of English and German Department


Cristina Barajas

Jefa Departamento Español y Valenciano/ Head of Spanish and Valencian Department


Alberto Cervantes

Coordinador Pedagógico/ Curriculum Coordinator


Raquel Casilda Campos HoD de Visual Arts

Jefa Departamento Artes Visuales /Head of Visual Arts Department

Milovan Jelic de Performing Arts

Jefe Departamento Artes Escénicas/Head of Performing Arts Department






Asociación de Familias

Buzón de sugerencias


If you are a parent of Laude Newton College and need to update the contact details we have from you at school, please click here to download the Personal Information Update Form.

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