School Life

Guiding Your Future – Expertise

9th November 17

Imagine if you could have had the opportunity to speak to someone familiar who kindly offered you details and experiences about certain professional options for which you felt interest or curiosity.

More or less consciously, you in the past and now our Sixth Form students, face important decisions that in some way draw the itinerary that leads to the professional world, surely remembering those details that influenced your career and your decision. Thinking about how to improve this process of “decision making” by our Y12-Y13 students is how this programme arises, led by Francisco Cánovas within the “Mentoring Programme”.

Guiding Your Future – Expertise main purpose is:

To provide our students with the rich and diverse background from our school community, offering them different points of view of today’s world and the opportunities it offers, so that they can decide with the best information in their hands.

Guiding Your Future – Expertise helps contribute to the school community by returning to society a small part of the knowledge that has been given to us. With this new programme starting this academic year, we also add that level of enthusiasm necessary to contribute in something worthwhile which is our students’ education.