School Life

Month: November 2017

Newton Solidarity Race

24th November 17

  Un año más, el cole participa en la carrera solidaria promovida por Save the Children España en todas las escuelas del mundo. En el Día Internacional de los Derechos de la Infancia, corremos con el objetivo de recaudar fondos para Sudán del Sur. ¡Gracias por apoyar la solidaridad de nuestros niños que quieren mejorar…

Newton Sports Day

16th November 17

Following our philosophy of “Opening Minds”, we have organized for the second year our ‘Sports Day’, a sports day through which we celebrate and enhance the talents and skills of our students. Little and older ones have demonstrated their skills through traditional games and disciplines such as javelin shooting, high jump, obstacle courses, discus throwing…

Guiding Your Future – Expertise

9th November 17

Imagine if you could have had the opportunity to speak to someone familiar who kindly offered you details and experiences about certain professional options for which you felt interest or curiosity. More or less consciously, you in the past and now our Sixth Form students, face important decisions that in some way draw the itinerary…