School Life

Month: October 2017

Trick or Treat

30th October 17

Trick or Treat!!?  Masks, Witches, Pumpkins, Songs and Dances…, Would you like to watch it?

Science Day 2017

27th October 17

Today, our children of Primary have become real scientists! With the help of Professor Spark and their assistants, children have been able to experiment with textures, colors, smells …Learning and having fun all together today! Love #Scienceday


25th October 17

Something exciting is about to happen… We grow and evolve! Snowhite (video) Coming soon…

Safari in Year 6

11th October 17

On Wednesday 11th of October something very exciting took place in Year 6! The pupils had the chance to use their iPads in order to hunt down QR Codes and therefore learn information about animals as part of our new IPC topic Extreme Survivors, Existing, Endangered and Extinct.  They organised the information about the animals…

Carroll diagrams

6th October 17

Year 2 have been learning about sorting things into Carroll diagrams, they practiced by sorting vegetables into different groups