School Life


10th March 17

NEWTONAIR, our School Radio

This is a project of everyone of us, which results from conversations between parents and teachers, to finish by creating something which represents the most and is the best concept of this story: Meeting point for society and school community, an opportunity for our students to grow in independence, share expectations and show what they can do best, debates, talks, stories, live music, theatrical interventions, as well as interviews and news by our “young journalists” within the Newtonairenews section.

We recorded our first programme: “Opening Minds”, a very special and varied programme which welcomed parents of participating students, and with the presence of Javier Tovar, former school student and currently pursuing a Journalism degree, who will collaborate in some of our programmes.

With the aim of continuing to work for an open environment which allows for the personal development of our students, we invite you to follow us and share this radio space with us.

We will keep you posted. You can’t miss it!