School Life

Peace Day

6th February 17

“Yo must be change you wish to see in the world”


On 30th January we celebrated Peace Day in school. This is a very important topic which has been studied by pupils in all year groups.

The objective this year has been to remind pupils that the Syrian conflict is still ongoing and that we can all help the refugees, particularly children, through a project organised by our Year 9 pupils within their IB Service Learning Programme. This project consists in the collection of gluten-free food and, as last year, we continue collaborating with the Association “Ayuda a los refugiados del pueblo sirio” in their humanitarian projects in this area.

On the other side, and through the school’s Library Programme, pupils in Year 4 performed a story about integration called “Four Little Corners” in front of their friends, teachers and parents. They made us reflect about the importance of respect and tolerance to be able to live in peace.

Finally, we all joined our hands to listen to a very special song by one Israeli singer and another one from Palestine, who, through their project “Women Wave Peace”, wanted to prove that peace is possible if we try. (video-audio) (video-audio)