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Creative & Design Thinking

19th October 16

Newton College grows and evolves while looking for different opportunities for our students to create and narrate their identities, strengthen their skills, discover and change the world. Ipad3

Newton College’s mission is to provide an education with an international vision in a flexible, dynamic and innovative pedagogical framework. From this basis, and taking our Educational Project as framework of reference for each of the stage curricular programmes, we aim to continue developing a methodological approach which establishes a more attractive work model for our learning spaces: CREATIVE & DESIGN THINKING (C&DT).

From this philosophy, we find that the main pedagogical aims of CREATIVE & DESIGN THINKING (C&DT) are to:

– Consolidate a profile of teachers who are curious and have a desire to learn and explore new areas of development as part of the teaching and learning experiences.

– Develop a culture of “pedagogical innovation”, transforming our experience into reference, sharing good practice through education, training and collaboration with other centres in the educational setting.

– Create a learning environment which is planned, agreed, and varied, to suit the different learning paces of our students, by discovering new spaces.

– Explore critical thinking in the classroom, where creativity, provision of opportunities and appropriate use of technology become active agents.

The perspective of this pedagogical model is to answer educational needs of our pupils in the 21st century, by generating learning experiences where we invite the students to go from a challenge to an innovative solution, changing the goal into a unique and attractive product, through our working philosophy “Creative&DesignThinking” #designthinking. Throughout the process, our pupils will work in phases where they will have to understand the goals, interact, explore, share ideas, define designs and finally present their product, looking for beauty in its creativity.

From this directionality towards creativity and searching beauty in the process, we create “creative learning” as emergent new spaces like “ateliers” or “possibility workshops”: attractive, multidisciplinary spaces, equipped with flexible furniture which allows teachers and students to choose their learning corner according to the task to be completed: working in small groups, sharing experiences, individual supervision or research, or a combination of simultaneous tasks, always under the teacher’s supervision.

“Creative&DesignThinking (Video)

“Creative Learning Spaces” (Video)