School Life

Exchange Programme with Germany

23rd September 16


A group of pupils and teachers from Newton College have enjoyed an unforgettable experience in Hamburg during September.

A large group of Newton College students, from Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13, enjoyed an unforgettable experience in Hamburg during September. This was part of an Exchange Programme with the Matthias Claudius Gymnasium Centre.

Immersed in the culture and with their German friends acting as tour guides, they visited and learnt about the most important places of this amazing city, such as St. Nikolai (one of the five main protestant churches, of New Gothic style, which currently lies in ruins, acts as a memorial monument and is an important architectural site). The current conditions of the building are the result of continuous bombing during the II World War, followed by a demolition in 1951 and restoration works during the 90s. They also visited BallinStad (resting place for immigrants before the I World Ward), Lübeck (the town of the 7 towers) or a Museum focused on the use of other senses as a way of expression.

All of this forms part of a programme of combined activities with the main topic of study being migration. Relating to this topic, the students will now prepare a digital portfolio explaining their learning experiences. This portfolio will be shared with their peers in school.

We are looking forward to meeting the German students when they arrive in October for a similar experience here in Spain.