School Life

Laude Face of the Month over the last few months

20th April 16

We would like to highlight the names of a group of pupils who have been selected to be the Laude Face of the Month over the last few months due to their personal and social skills and attitudes at school, which make them become role-models for the rest of their peers. We are very proud of all of them and their names have been chosen as a result of their ongoing effort and hard work:


Laude Face of the Month for December: Luis Blanco Hoyos (Year 9 Omega): For being a self-motivated and independent learner who is always willing to participate. Congratulations!



Laude Face of the Month for January: Paula Martín Vicente (Reception Butterflies): For showing excellent understanding and exceptional listening skills. She is a valued member of the group. Additionally, using her own initiative and remembering a peace song and its title which they had previously learnt at school, she looked it up on the Internet and did a beautiful piece of complementary art work at home. Well done!


Laude Face of the Month for February: Irene Bañón Ruiz (Year 4N): She is an inspiration to everyone. Irene always works hard and is keen to improve in all areas of the curriculum. She does extra work at home in order to widen her understanding of the objectives taught at school. She is happy to work with other children and is a sociable, friendly, happy girl. Congratulations!



Laude Face of the Month for March: Melian Cantos Miltchev (Year 7 Epsilon): For always attending school in correct uniform and wearing it with pride, for being smart and well-mannered and for always having an impeccable appearance. You are a fine example to your peers!



Laude Face of the Month for April: Marta López Sierra (Reception Birds): For being a hard-working little girl. She clearly works hard practicing her numbers and sounds at home and is always ready to work in school, with plenty of positive energy. Fantastic!