School Life

Laude Face of the Month for October

19th October 15

This month has been the turn of Early Years, to present candidates
for the LAUDE Student of the Month. And what a truly difficult task
that has been! We have many students who are hard workers,
obedient and kind, and it is always difficult to think of one name
only. But finally we had to narrow it down to one.

On this occasion, we have focused on Year 1 pupils and the student
chosen has been Ángel García Sola, from Year 1 Lions. For
Ángel we would like to highlight that he is always cheerful and
polite and enjoys so much coming to school, which he expresses to
his teachers every day. For his positivism and his nice smile he has
been chosen our Laude Face of the Month. Well done Ángel!

We would like to mention other runners-up who also deserve a
special mention:

Year 1 Tigers:

Lucía Pérez Arroyo: for being sensible and always trying hard.
Makar Seledchick: he is a new boy in the school, he is doing very
well and has settled down in record time; he is also very helpful.


Year 1 Lions:

Atala Alonso Navarro: for working hard.


Year 1 Bears:

Violeta Mora Andreu: for being mature, independent, very responsible and with a very good attitude.
Salvador Aledo Vega: for trying hard, having a good attitude and settling down well.


Year 1 Kangaroos:

Ángel Segarra Cantó: for trying his very best, particularly when it comes to speaking.
Gabriela Sánchez Ramírez: for trying very hard and being friendly with others and showing empathy.


We are very proud of these lovely Year 1 pupils!