School Life

A very special guest: Korky Paul

5th May 15

autor korky paul 3

Yesterday, Laude Newton College received a special visit of the very well-known British author and illustrator, Korky Paul. He held a meeting with Year 1 to Year 3 pupils, who were able to take part in several reading and tale-illustrating workshops. Undoubtedly, this was a unique opportunity for the students to have a first-hand experience in the world of literature from a different perspective.

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They could also purchase samples of his books signed and dedicated by the author. This British writer has written the “Winnie The Witch” stories, amongst others. Newton College pupils know these stories very well as they are always popular favourites in class libraries. Moreover, a stand which could be visited by any school pupil or parent, was placed outside the Library so that everyone could get to know the work of this author in depth.

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With this visit, Laude Newton College pupils have been able to enjoy the stories of one of their favourite authors, while at the same time carrying out reading and drawing activities. With this initiative the school wishes to encourage and foster reading and enable pupils to develop a passion for books.