School Life

“Tell me more about your experience”

17th April 15

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Not only is it a great pleasure to see how former pupils have made a success of their professional life but it also feels us with pride when they come to relate their experiences to current pupils, thereby motivating them to be also successful in their future careers. 

‘Tell me about your experience’ is one of the many proposals within the Mentoring Programme that Laude Newton College offers its students as a complement to their academic development, helping them to reinforce other capabilities that they will carry on using throughout their lives. It is a programme related to personal development and leadership which starts in the last year of Secondary (4th of ESO) and continues until the final year of Sixth Form (2nd of BAT). During this time, pupils acquire aptitudes such as the capacity to lead initiatives, relate to others and work as part of a team, to face challenges in spite of any hurdles, of being creative enough to find solutions as well as develop their capacity for effort.


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After the friendly talk with lots of questions, they enjoyed a welcome refreshment.

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