School Life

Special visit from a group of Icelandic teachers

29th April 15

Visita profesores islandeses 2015

Today we have had a very special visit from a group of Icelandic teachers who are visiting several schools in the area with the aim of getting to know different pedagogic methods and learning approaches currently being implemented in both public and private schools in Spain.

They were greatly impressed with the school particularly with the high levels of English and the standards of behaviour and discipline in our pupils carrying out their daily task. Some of our Reception pupils already knew where to find Iceland on a map since they have been working on the topic of journeys and expeditions and have set up a travel agency in their role-play area.

Our guests presented us with a traditional Icelandic tale in English, “A giant love story”, as well a beautiful traditional hand-made earthenware pot filled with precious stones and lava from the island; a gesture which we greatly appreciate.