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Solidarity Sports Events: a great day

27th April 15



School pupils have been busy in organising this event in order to collect food for families in need.

With the intention to collect food for families in need, last Saturday Laude Newton College held a sports event of a solidarity nature. It was a family day within this college with other schools participating in this event. Pupils and parents competed in different sports matches such as football, basketball, volleyball and handball.

EDS 2015 1

This activity was organised within the International Baccalaureate CAS activities (Creativity, Action and Service) and the Mentoring Programme, carried out throughout Compulsory Secondary and Sixth Form Education at school. Indeed, Year 13 pupils were responsible for organising and supervising the event. In this way, pupils were able to get involved, help and take part in activities and projects which are challenging whilst at the same time fulfilling an obligation to social work.

EDS 2015 3

This day was created to encourage the spirit of sport, co-operation within families and to help families in need. Different tournaments were held between our Year 6 and 7 students and their parents, who competed against pupils and families from other schools. A continuation of the character of the event was also reflected within the prizes, which were designed by the students but made by APSA, an association which helps mentally-ill people to integrate into society. Undoubtedly, this initiative was the perfect excuse to collaborate with the Food Bank in Alicante, who then distributed the products to the other local food banks. This proposal is a complement to the academic programme of our students, that enables them to develop other necessary social skills which equip them for life.

Thank you to all of you who came and shared this special day with us. For you and for those who were not able to come but who helped us to make it possible, please find a link to a presentation of this event.

Presentation of the Sports Solidarity Event