School Life

National Phase Bronze Medal

16th April 15

José María finalista 1 

Once more, our pupil José María Coves Beneyto put his talent to test for seven hours. The final phase of the XXVI Spanish Physics Olympiad took place, in which José María represented Elche. He managed to win the bronze medal in this competition after three hours of experimental and a further four hours of theoretical tests.

José María commented: “I´ve had the chance to live an unforgettable experience in which I´ve had to test my skills to the limit”.

He travelled with his tacher, José Manuel Cuello, after being in first place in the local phase.

In the tests, for example, he had to test the Stefan-Boltzmann law by means of assembling a circuit or calculating the scape speed of the famous 67P comet. Likewise, Coves commented that thanks to this experience “we have also forged strong frienship links along the way.”

This news makes the whole school community feel very proud of his great achievement.  

José María finalista 2