School Life

V Newton College Trekking Club

16th March 15

V salida Trekking Club Newton 3

The 5th outing of the Newton Trekking Club, made up of parents, staff and pupils, took place yesterday. This time it was organised in the Natural Park of “La Mata and Torrevieja”. The weather was good which made this event a resounding success. The children were able to compete in a Gymkana and also had a opportunity to solve the mistery about the lake in la “Mata” which is related to the town’s historical saltworks.

V Salida Trekking Club Newton 1

The party was made up of 60 people who were divided into four groups of 15 people. Each group followed a different route, which took around 3 hours.

We look fordward to meeting you all in our next excursion on April 26th!